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Unesc - Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense.

Research Lines

Goals of the Postgraduate Program in Environmental Sciences

Natural environments

Goals: To understand the dynamics of natural ecosystems; to investigate alternative sources and strategies for the management of communities and Nature, biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge, focusing on recovery and / or conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Dr. Birgit Harter-Marques
Dr. Jairo José Zocche
Dr. Fernando Carvalho
Dr. Patrícia de Aguiar Amaral
Dr. Robson dos Santos
Dr. Vanilde Citadini-Zanette

Society, Environment and Development

Goals: To investigate the interactions between society and Nature; the implications of development, productive and social organizations; public policy; health; sustainability; communication and environmental education. To suggest technical and scientific mechanisms that contribute to environmental problems. To investigate the relationships between society and nature through an interdisciplinary approach.

Dr. Adriano Michael Bernardin
Dr. Álvaro José Back
Dr. Carlyle Torres Bezerra de Menezes
Dr. Geraldo Milioli
Dr. Juliano Bitencourt Campos
Dr. Márcia Cristina Américo
Dr. Nilzo Ivo Ladwig
Dr. Teresinha Gonçalves
Dr. Viviane Kraieski

Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense.