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Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria: Effects of pregabalin on behavioral alterations induced by ketamine in rats

Emerson Arcoverde Nunes, Leila Canever, Larissa Oliveira, Renata Luca, João Quevedo, Alexandra Zugno, Antonio Peregrino, José Crippa, Serdar M. Dursun, Glen B. Baker e Jaime Hallak

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of pregabalin on the behavior of rats under the influence of ketamine, an NMDA receptor antagonist that mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia.
METHODS: Rats were injected with saline or 25 mg/kg ketamine intraperitoneally. After that, behavior modifications were investigated by the evaluation of stereotypy and hyperlocomotion, after treating rats with pregabalin (at doses of 30 mg/kg or 100 mg/kg) or placebo (saline solution).
RESULTS: The administration of pregabalin reduced ketamine-induced hyperlocomotion. However, neither doses of pregabalin had a significant effect on ketamineinduced stereotypy.
CONCLUSION: This is the first study to investigate the effects of pregabalin using an animal model of psychosis. Furthermore, our results indicate that behavioral changes induced by ketamine in rats can be reversed with the use of pregabalin, suggesting its potential to treat psychotic symptoms


20 de março de 2013 às 16:42
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