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Unesc - Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense.


The Master in Materials Science and Engineering is aimed at professionals of enterprises from various segments of the southern state of Santa Catarina, Unesc's undergraduates and other undergraduates from universities and colleges of the region and other states. Undergraduates in Environmental Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology and Industrial Ceramics are welcome to the program.

Total credits for degree: 24
Frequency: Annual
Total annual vacancies: 15
Duration: 24 months


The specific objectives are to:

  • qualify the professionals working in enterprises, allowing them constant updating of technology in the southern region of Santa Catarina;
  • implement alternatives for solving technological problems related to materials processing, contributing to economic growth and the strengthening of technology policies in the region;
  • develop the ability to produce solutions technically feasible and environmentally appropriate for the waste generated in the region, particularly focused on the recovery of waste.

The graduates should be able to:

  • develop research activities, innovation and development in science and technology;
  • meet the new profile of technological development of the productive sector of the south of Santa Catarina, especially those related to the solution of environmental problems;
  • contribute to improving the quality of industrial products and processes, seeking to cut costs and rationalize the use of natural resources.

Area of Concentration/ Major in

  • Materials Technology

Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense.